About us

CIBUSTEKis located at the heart of the“ Italian food valley”. The area spans across the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia and Modena and is renowned all over the world for its culinary excellence vouched by Parmigiano-Reggiano, Parma’s culatello and prosciutto, Modena’s tortellini and balsamic vinegar. Such vocation of the territory has rewarded top skill in food processing and manufacturing as well as it has deeply inspired CIBUSTEK business philosophy, which translates in excellence in manufacturing of equipment and machinery for food catering, employing cutting edge Italian mechanic and components.

When Emilia Romagna’s fragrances and flavors meet with the accuracy, technology and experience of a company that has been operating in the mechanical field for over 30 years, the outcome can only be timeless products whose beauty is integral to their substance and functionality: nothing is casual and everything is essential to a better performance in the kitchen. Each one of the items in the CIBUSTEK catalogue fits such profile of solid, powerful, reliable machines: slicers, meat grinders, graters, mixers, vacuums and sterilizers, fillers, and the necessary equipment to ensure maximum efficiency to the operators of the food catering business

cibustek chi siamoThe company product range offers ten lines for meat and food processing, each one developed in a further number of models with different features, in order to satisfy any demands, from those of top level catering to customers, to those of meat stores, to those of farms, to those of the households that do not settle for ordinary standard products. CIBUSTEK has been chosen by restaurants, farms, food processing enterprises in Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Northern Europe, South America and Arab Countries. A broad and diversified market satisfied by the variety of our products is the best endorser of CIBUSTEK..