Sales Terms and Conditions

  1. The sale agreement shall be deemed binding when sale order confirmation from seller reaches buyer; rules and regulations in accordance to the Italian law shall be applicable to the agreement.
  2. The hereof general sale terms and conditions shall be applied through the agreement signed by the parties and are integral part of it, as per order confirmation..
  3. Prices in the price list shall be intended as not inclusive of transport, State Tax as well as either of work or services not mentioned in the agreement such as: customs fees, installing, mounting and connection. Packaging shall be charged to the total sale price agreed.
  4. Goods delivery conditions shall always be meant Ex Works our plant in Reggio Emilia and, at any rate, the goods shall be travelling at the risk and peril of the buyer and /or consignee. Our duty of supplying goods shall be intended fulfilled when consigned either to the carrier or to the recipient. Even when the goods, based on a special agreement, were shipped CIP and or CTP (CFR and or FOB) charging the customer through invoice, goods shall always be travelling at the risk and peril of the buyer and/or of the receiver.
  5. Since the seller shall not be deemed liable for any damage caused by transport, it shall be care of the recipient to check the incoming goods for possible damage and/or losses as well as to, in case, place a claim with the forwarding agent, who shall be liable for them. As per section 1698 of the Civil Code possible faults and /or losses shall be pointed out to the shipping agent at the time of receiving the goods, and checking the goods at the time of delivery and at the presence of the transporter is advised. Moreover, it shall be made known that, in the event of goods damage during transport, the existing civil code regulations provide for limited compensation and do not provide for any service work compensation.
  6. Prices shall be those agreed upon order confirmation; in their absence, those in force at the time of the order confirmation shall be considered binding.
  7. Delivery terms shall be deemed as indicative and as such during normal operation condition. In no case the company, either the seller shall be required to compensate possible damages caused by late delivery, or the delay shall be cause for rescinding the sales agreement.
  8. Products set up and related costs shall be charged to the buyer, therefore are not included in the prices listed.
  9. The parties expressly agree that the buyer shall achieve property of goods and accessories at the time of full payment, and that, however, the buyer shall take full risk for them at the moment of delivery as per section1523 of the civil code.
  10. Upon the date of expiration of the agreed terms for payment of the goods, no claim concerning the quality of the goods themselves shall be allowed, neither exceptionally nor in court, if payment of the goods to which the claim refers to were still standing .
  11. Technical assistance shall be charged to the buyer throughout the entire warranty term, including for the replacement of any parts supplied and under warranty. The seller shall not directly provide assistance services to the buyer.
  12. All the drawings and all other documents shall continue to be property of the seller and their reproducing, copying, handing a third party shall not be allowed without written permission of the seller.
  13. In the event the client failed to collect the ordered goods, the agreement shall be deemed lawfully rescinded and shall be applied a penalty of 40% of the goods net price, that is State tax not included, except for the right to compensation for the possible severe damage suffered
  14. All the machines and devices manufactured by our company are covered by warranty for possible faults of their material and/ or of their construction for the length of time provided for by the law and commencing upon the date invoice issuing date.
  15. The buyer shall not be entitled to his warranty rights in the event:
  16. Breakdowns were caused by inappropriate use, overworking, poor maintenance, tampering or alterations to the machine o, anyway, by external causes not to be ascribed to the manufacturer
  17. Damages came from power shortages or inadequate power supply.
  18. The buyer company were not to inform the manufacturing company of any flaws and faults through registered certified mail within a peremptory term of eight days.
  19. Warranty shall be deemed as the seller supplying the part to be replaced, after close examination of the faulty one, and supplying shall be deemed as Ex Works and only when the seller has authorized in writing receiving back the faulty part.
  20. The warranty shall be valid only for the original buyer and shall not include replacement of the purchased machine itself.
  21. The spare part shall be supplied under warranty and shipped CIP or CTP, in the event responsibility on the part of the manufacturer were to be acknowledged
  22. Expected wear-out and wasting both of the machine and of the electric parts shall not be deemed included in the warranty
  23. The warranty shall not be deemed in force in the event of lack of compliance with the payment conditions agreed to
  24. The client shall acknowledge that possible discounts advertised either through e-mail or any other marketing channel, shall not represent a public offer, reserving to the seller the option to negotiate possible discounts at the time of order placement, also at different rates from client to client. Possible discounts granted shall be expressly bound to compliance with the payment terms shown in the invoice.
  25. The spare parts not covered by warranty shall be shipped upon receiving payment for the same
  26. Prices shown in the price list, valid except for errors or omissions, involuntarily caused, shall be altered due to fluctuations of raw materials prices
  27. In the event of any dispute the Courts and legal authorities of Reggio Emilia shall be deemed as the competent authority
  28. The seller shall retain the right to bring improvements, not mentioned it in the catalog/ price list, to its products, both in their mechanics and their esthetics, and without advance warning